books1books3 books2K, first things first. I’m back to blogging. Yay. I’m starting fresh, deleted all of the posts before this one, and got a pretty template for the blog. This return is partially fuelled by the fact I’ve left this URL empty for almost 3 years, and always felt a little guilty about it. The other reason is that since I’m now in the thesis writing stage of my masters program, and I need something to distract myself. Sometimes academia is hella boring, and you can only scroll through so many pages of Reddit before getting bored of that too. Long story short, I’m back, attempt #2347 at blogging. *tiny fistbump of achievement*

I found out I have several library books overdue. With Carleton, it’s 50¢ a book a day, so I owe them about 5$. Whoops. The two books I have stashed at home are Mary Douglas’ Purity and Danger, Jean Claude Kaufmann’s The Meaning of Cooking. I power skimmed both of them last semester, gathering information for my thesis and using them as a paperweight. The last book isn’t a library book but a gift from a kind internet stranger. Sprinklebakes is a cookbook primarily focusing around the art of decorating baked goods. There’s a lot of neat foodstuffs I want to make in there, like the French macarons and Viking wedding cake. I just want an excuse to bake and eat and be fat dammit.

I guess I should start writing book reviews for my MESSIN WIT FOOD research blog, since I have at least 60 entry points on my thesis Excel file. So far there are meagre posts about my analysis on a few class readings about food and food culture.

So next week I’ll be in Vancouver for Design Principles & Practices conference! Co-hosted by Carleton University and Emily Carr School of Art+Design, it’ll be at UBC Robson Square. I’ll be presenting Saturday afternoon! Hopefully I don’t freeze up and make a fool of myself, and that the conference will be fun. Some of us MDes students are also part of the committee, so we find out around Wednesday evening what we have to do for the conference. Something like chairing some sessions, and being check-in people or something. Who knows. This is my first ever plane trip without family members, so I’m pretty thrilled to be traveling alone. Well, not really alone since I’ll be on the same flight as a friend but you know what I mean. Dat freedom of flight. Gonna go figure out what to pack in my capsule wardrobe now.

If you know any places that I should check out in Vancouver, let me know!